Cuddling Coochies - Mofos

Publish Date:23.03.2019

At the point when Xeena crashes at Bailey's home, she's left on the old, rough ass love seat in the lounge. Powerless to rest she thinks about whether Bailey would give her join access on the comfortable bed? They're simply companions, no major ordeal, happens constantly… Right? IN a little bed, it's inescapable that these two women begin contacting… Xeena steps up to the plate and approaches Bailey for some direction - she's never been with a young lady. What's more, what preferable approach to encounter that over with a nearby, receptive companion? Before long these two wonders are kissing, running their hands over one another's bodies, and laughing out any very late nerves. In any case, that rapidly vanishes in snapshots of licking and granulating, tongues going over areolas, lips, and thighs… Friends are dependably there when you need them!