Boy Don't Kill My Vibe

Publish Date:10.03.2019
Hot blonde MILF Cory is getting a charge out of some uncommon alone time by absorbing a decent warm air pocket shower. As Cory lies back in the tub and delights in the vibe of the rises against her skin, she gives her hands a chance to trail over her body, scouring her huge tits and straying to her pussy. When this messy darling is all spotless, she makes a beeline for her room and hauls out her substantial accumulation of sex toys, settling in for a long, lavish play session with her most loved vibrator. Cory is so enchanted in her suggestive wonderland, she doesn't hear her stepdaughter Lena get back home with her sweetheart Cody! Yet, when Cody goes to search for the washroom, he discovers his sweetheart's stepmom groaning and panting with delight as she screws herself with her vibe, and she welcomes the high schooler to join her! At the point when Lena goes to discover Cody, it's not well before the charming brunette ends up amidst a trio, where she discovers that toys are incredible, yet nothing beats the genuine article!
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